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Thank you for your interest in your local Chapter of the IASIU. We look forward to your involvement!

Please note: You must be a member of the International Association of Special Investigation Units in order to qualify for membership in your local Chapter. (If you are part of a law enforcement agency, you may join the local Chapter without the International Membership) Please be certain to write your IASIU membership number on the application form. This will eliminate any delays in the approval of your membership.

Membership Instructions

STEP ONE: On this website, visit the page for the Chapter in your area of  Florida.
STEP TWO: Fill out that Chapter's membership form or visit the provided link you will find on each specific chapter's page.

STEP THREE: Send the form and check to the Treasurer at the address on the bottom of the Chapter's form or complete payment using the provided link (if applicable).

The objectives and purpose of the Chapters shall be:

A. To promote a coordinated effort within the insurance industry to combat fraud;
B. To provide education and training for insurance investigators;
C. To develop and promote a greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem;
D. To encourage professional standards of conduct among insurance investigators;
E. To support legislation which would act as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud; and
F. To promote a cooperative effort between the Chapters, law enforcement and prosecuting attorneys for the purpose of combating insurance fraud.

Goals and Objectives of the Florida Chapters of the IASIU

Article III - Membership:

Section 1 - Definition

Membership shall only include: Members in current "good standing", of the International Association of Special Investigation Units.

Section 2 -- Application for Membership

Applications for membership shall be made to the Board of Directors, and admission to the Chapter shall be determined a majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall give due consideration to the applicant's personal and professional standing in the community and other qualifications it deems applicable.

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